Why a travel insurance is important for you


Traveling is always meant to be a fun experience. Getting to see new places and meet new people is always amazing, but you can never be certain that nothing will go wrong. There are very many incidents associated with traveling, that is why you should always consider buying a travel insurance.

A travel insurance is a cover policy package which is intended to cover you from any probable incident, medical expense or any losses associated with your trip while traveling. Unlike car insurance, travel insurance is optional but very essential. Travel insurance includes a trip cancellation insurance, this covers any losses associated with your trip and a medical insurance cover which is responsible for any medical requirements or expenses incurred on your trip.

Travel insurance generally takes care of;

– Trip interruption due to various factors like illness, cancellation, delays and even death.

– Medical insurance covers.

– Baggage insurance for lost or damaged luggage and stolen property.

– Evacuation covers in case of an evacuation due to medical emergencies, terrorist attacks, and other factors.

– Flight insurance. A life insurance in case of a plane crash.

Do I need travel insurance?

If you are traveling to specific regions where disaster is eminent, e.g. warzones, regions with political instability or disaster struck areas, it is only logical that you have a travel insurance. At times, your trip can be purely for leisure or business that is associated with nothing risky. So you will not see the need of buying a travel insurance. But you must consider this, just in case you fall ill, or you are involved in an accident abroad, how will you get yourself out of that situation? Other incidents like missing your flight, losing your luggage, stolen property emergency evacuations and accidents due to acts of terrorism could really weigh you down financially. With travel insurance, you can ignore all the financial aspects and focus on other things. This can prove to be very convenient.

Some other reasons why it is important to have travel insurance are;

· It provides you with a full medical cover and protection from medical costs which can be very expensive especially in some states around the U.S and countries overseas.

· It covers all disruptions associated with your trip. When you are traveling, there is much out of your control. Unprecedented occurrences like emergencies requiring you to fly back home, flight delays and cancellation, and other incidents might cost you a fortune. With travel insurance, you will never have to spend any money in case anything goes wrong.

· You will be reimbursed in case of any losses or expenses. Any loss or expenses incurred due to incidents will be paid for, whether you lost your luggage because of a hotel’s or airline’s blunder or due to theft by some burglars.

When you buy travel insurance, you minimize considerably great financial risks. It is important that you do an effective background research before you travel.

Some factors you should always consider are;

– Your existing healthcare insurance. Some medical covers have policies that cover you even when you are overseas. You should check if your insurance provider is active in other states you are visiting or the country you are traveling to.

– The type of trip and the location you are visiting. You might really require a full travel cover if you are traveling to high-risk areas like regions with a harsh political climate, remote locations from medical facilities or developing countries with poor sanitation or low modern standards.

– Your health condition. When traveling you should always take note of your health status and any condition that might need medical attention.


Whenever traveling, people always look for ways of saving money. Avoiding a travel insurance is not saving. You can never realize just how much you would have saved until you run into a disaster. Purchase a travel insurance package whenever you are traveling so that you can keep your mind away from worries and focus on enjoying your trip.


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