Packing tips for long trips

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Nearly everyone loves traveling around the world. But hardly anyone wants to pack for their trip. That is how tricky packing might be for many. However, there are two kinds of travelers: those who pack lightly and those who pack their whole house. Use these tips to pack in between and take with you the things you really need.

Here are some packing tips to remember the next time you’re packing up for a getaway. Using these tips will help to take some of the stress out of packing for long trips.

Travel Lightly

If you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to have to do is to track of a lot of luggage. So pack as lightly as possible while still taking the things you need. Aim for fitting everything into a carry-on, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with checked baggage. Lightweight suitcases help you to stay below the airline’s baggage weight limit.

Leave Your Valuables At Home

While some nice jewelry can accent your outfit when you go out to dinner, is it going to be a pain making sure that it isn’t stolen throughout the rest of your trip? When you travel, try not to bring too many items that you would be devastated to lose if they disappeared, were stolen, or if your suitcase containing them was sent to the wrong airport by accident. Keep the valuables that you do bring in your carry-on. Also, never put your passport or other important documents in your checked luggage.

Prepare For Laundry

Though the swimsuits were dry and all of the clothes were clean when you packed them, they probably won’t be when you get ready to go home. Keep the clothing you know will be wet separate from dry clothing by packing a waterproof bag before you leave home. And to keep your dirty clothes away from any clean clothing, make sure you pack a bag for them, too.

Prepare To Return With More Than You Brought

Anyone who takes a trip knows what it’s like to try to pack everything up to return home and realize you have even more than you brought. If you’re the type of person who buys souvenirs for everyone, pack a small bag to carry them in or even ship them back home before leaving. But if you don’t want to carry an extra bag or pay postage, try to prepare before you leave for vacation by leaving a bit of room in your suitcase to allow for extras. Having lightweight suitcases will help you here because you’ll have more space to pack up within the airline’s weight limit. While it’s not always possible to leave some space in your suitcase, it will make your return trip a bit easier if you can.

Take samples of your personal items.

Don’t carry a 35 oz bottle of shampoo for a three-day trip when you can buy a 2 oz sample. If a sample size is not available, purchase travel bottles and fill them with the necessary products. Make sure that you put them in a plastic bag to ensure your bottles are spill-proof.

Check the climate and the weather at your destination.

Make sure you have some clothes for all possible weather situations, but mostly carry clothes for the weather you expect. Remember: airlines charge for over-packed, oversized and too heavy luggage. It is probably cheaper to leave your wardrobe at home and buy an item or two than to pay hundreds of dollars in airline fees.

Don’t forget to pack your medications.

Make sure you have enough for a period of time longer than your planned trip. You never know what happens and getting a prescription or refilling an existing one can be difficult away from home or in a foreign country.

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